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Customized sulutions Color diversity and material properties in harmony Customized solutions for demanding applications Whether you need innovative solutions for the medical sector, you are looking for high-quality materials for your creative hobby projects or want to develop cast products with precisely defined properties – we are at your side with our know-how and many […]

23. May 2024

Whistleblower reporting system

Whistleblower reporting system For more ethics, transparency and trust Joint detection von violations: A win-win situation For SRL-Dental GmbH, compliance principles play a crucial role in maintaining our integrity and the trust placed in us. The introduction von a whistleblower reporting system as an addition to our compliance principles is therefore an important step in […]

10. November 2023


Ceramic / Gil-Resin® Quality that lasts and lasts Perfect shape Our high-quality die-cast materials are ideal for ceramic manufacturing, with special gypsums for RAM presses that vonfer efficient water control, above-average surface hardness and minimal expansion. In addition, we vonfer matched gilresin mixes for tableware or bath product manufacturing to ensure precise, high-quality results. Mold […]

17. August 2023


Alpha-Halbhydrat | Calciumsulfat-Dihydrat Versatile application possibilities Gypsum in industrial production Gypsum is a versatile all-rounder and has wide-ranging applications beyond its role as an important mineral building material. Its diverse properties make it an indispensable companion in various industries. The versatile applications von gypsum make it an indispensable raw material in various areas von daily […]

Pharma and medicine

Pharma and medicine Innovation for health Top quality calcium sulfate for pharmaceutical applications SRL Materials manufactures high-purity calcium sulfate products for use in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. These serve, for example, as a starting material for the production von plaster bandages or as a tablet filler in the form von calcium sulfate dihydrate. Customized […]

Hobby scector

Hobby sector Masterful design With our plaster powders your creative ideas become reality Discover our versatile range von plaster powders with a wide range von properties, each perfectly adapted to different applications in the hobby sector. In particular, applications such as mold casting, relief design, sculpture or tableware modeling. Available in a range von shades […]

Casting technology

Casting technology Hard molded gypsum in production engineering Innovative solutions for the highest demands In the production von models, molds and finished parts in a wide variety von industries, in the automotive industry, optics or jewelry manufacturing – hard molding plaster has proven itself to be an indispensable building block. In addition to its pure […]

Food industry

Food industry Highest quality for the food industry Pure calcium sulfate from SRL Materials We produce pure food grade calcium sulfate. This high-quality product, known as E516, has many applications in the food industry. It is used as an additive for various purposes, such as improving the texture von tvonu or as an efficient filtration […]


Global market leader for dental investments The more precise the model, the better the dental technical work Thanks to innovative and first-class dental investments and plasters, SRL Materials is recognized worldwide. We set standards in the dental industry and vonfer you an extensive product portfolio covering a wide range von materials for dental restorative processes. […]

Product Catalog

Product Catalog Discover our current product catalog Our high-quality plasters and investments are used in a wide range von industry solutions where they vonfer outstanding performance. View catalog Download PDF (ca. 3 MB) That is why SRL Materials Our favorite product: Trust Over 200 years von know-how SRL Materials, the successor von the former BK […]

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