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Hobby sector

Masterful design

With our plaster powders your creative ideas become reality

Discover our versatile range of plaster powders with a wide range of properties, each perfectly adapted to different applications in the hobby sector. In particular, applications such as mold casting, relief design, sculpture or tableware modeling. Available in a range of shades from bright white to deep black, they offer creative freedom. Our lightweight varieties are ideal for stage building, while carvable options allow for custom design. High-quality plaster powders for artistic ideas.

Plaster powder for every purpose

Shapes, reliefs, sculptures and more.

From sculptural design to detailed modeling, there are numerous ways to create unique and impressive works of art. In all imaginable colors and shapes.

Reduced dust generation during the processing of plaster in the hobby sector ensures a cleaner working environment and pleasant, safe work that is not harmful to health.

The ease of processing and the low drying process of our hobby plasters enable time-saving and uncomplicated implementation of creative ideas. This property opens up versatile application possibilities, as the plaster is ready for use immediately after shaping.

The fast setting of our hobby plasters enables efficient work processes and shortens waiting times for various projects. This property is particularly advantageous as it enables rapid completion and further processing.

The hobby plasters from SRL Dental impress with their precise impression and optimum reproduction of details. This enables the creation of complex structures and fine textures.

The hobby plasters from SRL Dental are characterized by enormously smooth model surfaces, which provides a high-quality basis for precise designs and creative work. This property helps to bring out fine details particularly clearly and to achieve aesthetically pleasing results.

Product specifications

ProductMixing RatioProcessing timeSetting timeDegree of whitenessDegree of yellownessDegree of yellownessDescriptionDownload PDF
Ludur KW100:25>14<25>91>3,5****
Giluform SP16100:28>12<20<89<5,5Extra white
Giluform Light100:35>10<25---Weight reduced hobby gypsum
Giluform BW100:25>6<12>89<4,5*****Brillant white
Giluform black100:25>920---Deep black
Giluform 350100:28>12<20>87<5Extra white
Giluform 250100:40>10<25>86<5.5***Extra white
Gilalgin H20:40-4-6---Flexible moulding material

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