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Food industry

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Pure calcium sulfate from SRL Materials

We produce pure food grade calcium sulfate. This high-quality product, known as E516, has many applications in the food industry. It is used as an additive for various purposes, such as improving the texture of tofu or as an efficient filtration agent in breweries. Our calcium sulfate is available as both dihydrate and hemihydrate, providing flexible options for different requirements. Rely on our expertise to provide high-purity calcium sulfate for your specific food applications.

Optimize taste and texture

Food grade calcium sulfate

Our calcium sulfate dihydrate variant impresses with its excellent pourability and mixability. These outstanding features make it the perfect choice for applications where uniform distribution of substances is crucial. Whether in baked goods, food additives or beverage powders, our calcium sulfate dihydrate integrates effortlessly and ensures a homogeneous end product.

Another major advantage of our products is that they are carbonate-free. This property not only ensures the consistency and quality of your food products, but also prevents unwanted chemical reactions that could affect the final result. Our calcium sulfate dihydrate variant is the ideal choice for precise and reliable results.

Security is our top priority. Therefore, we offer a calcium sulfate dihydrate that is skin-friendly, non-toxic and lightfast. These properties not only ensure safe handling during processing, but also maintain the quality of your products throughout the entire storage and distribution period.

Our calcium sulfate dihydrate solutions meet the highest standards and are specially formulated for food applications. Thanks to our many years of expertise and commitment to quality assurance, you can rely on products that meet the expectations of the food industry.

Product specifications

ProductSieving (mm)Degree of whitenessDegree of yellownessBulk densityPackagingDownload PDF
Luxolan LM0.3> 95< 2ca. 800 g/l25 kg, 1t BB

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