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About SRL Materials

Discover the expertise of SRL Materials

Innovative solutions for exclusive products

We are SRL Materials, a leading specialist in plaster and powder solutions. With our focus on customer centricity, we are experts in model and Mold making and offer high quality gypsum materials additives. Our knowledge spans customers, markets and manufacturing processes, making us a sought-after sought-after solution provider. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop customized solutions for exclusive and private label products.

Our guiding principle

SRL: Gypsum and Powder Specialist. We are the solution provider for sophisticated model, mold making and high-quality additives

Our company has a high level of know-how with regard to customers, markets, products and manufacturing processes. This in-depth knowledge forms the solid foundation of our competence. We know exactly what our customers need and understand the requirements of the various markets in which we operate. Our expertise extends not only to the products themselves, but also to their manufacturing processes, which enables us to offer high-quality and innovative solutions.

We pay special attention to a high level of consulting competence for the products we select, produce and trade. We are aware that every customer has individual requirements and needs. Therefore, we take the time to understand our customers in detail and offer tailor-made advice. Our goal is to build long-term partnerships and always offer the best possible solutions to our customers.

We pride ourselves on having a knowledge edge in our segment. We have gained this through years of experience, continuous learning and a consistent focus on innovation. Our team is highly qualified and always up to date with the latest developments in our industry. This edge in knowledge enables us to identify trends early, explore new opportunities and always offer innovative products and services to our customers.

Overall, our company is characterized by its in-depth know-how, its high level of consulting expertise and its knowledge edge. These three pillars form the backbone of our performance and are the key to our success in the market.

Our company is characterized by close cooperation with our customers to develop customized solutions for their individual needs. Regardless of whether we are dealing with exclusive or own brands, we deal intensively with the requirements of our customers in order to develop optimal solutions.

The solutions we develop are not only thought through in theory, but also implemented in practice – and this also applies to specialties. With our in-house product development and own production, we have the flexibility and expertise to respond to special requirements and create innovative solutions.

Our international procurement expertise opens up additional opportunities to offer our customers added value from a single source. We can draw on a broad network of suppliers and partners to procure high-quality materials and components that meet our customers’ requirements.

Overall, this holistic approach enables us to offer our customers first-class products and services. The combination of intensive customer consulting, in-house know-how and international procurement expertise ensures that we meet our customers’ needs in the best possible way and jointly develop and implement successful solutions.

Our production processes are under the highest quality control and are certified according to international standards. In doing so, we not only meet the ISO 9001 certification, but also the demanding ISO 13485 standard, which applies specifically to medical products. This enables us to also manufacture high-quality medical products and meet the strict requirements of this sector.

In order to continuously ensure the quality of our processes and products, we have established an internal quality and process management system. This includes regular reviews, controls and optimization of our production processes to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards. We strive to minimize sources of error and continuously improve the efficiency of our processes.

However, our commitment to quality goes beyond just production processes. We make targeted investments in training, continuing education and the education of future specialists in order to secure and further expand our quality standards in the long term. Our employees receive regular training to keep their knowledge and skills up to date and to continuously develop.

Overall, our quality claim forms the core of our corporate philosophy. Certifications, internal quality and process management, and knowledge and skills development are the pillars on which our pursuit of excellence rests. We are proud to meet the highest standards with our products and services and to offer our customers reliable, high-quality solutions.

Discover the expertise of SRL Materials

Company history

From humble beginnings to global success – the history of SRL Materials is characterized by courage, innovative strength and a clear vision. A lively success story that will continue to be written in the future.

Our fast and comprehensive service requires direct contact to our customers and an efficient logistic network. SRL Materials with its production site in Ludwigshafen, is located in the heart of Europe, with direct access to the most important air, water, road and rail connections in the region.

Our values

Code of Conduct for Sustainable Business Practices


Credibility comes from consistent implementation of values and promises.


SRL Materials is committed to sustainable economic, social and ecological developments.

Compliance with the law

We promote fair competition and strictly comply with competition and antitrust laws.

Human rights

We treat all people equally and fairly.


At SRL Materials, we promote a workplace of respect and fairness.

Occupational safety

We advocated for the right to a safe and healthy workplace

Whistleblower reporting system

Recognize violations: An advantage from which we all benefit

You have the opportunity to provide us with information regarding plausible suspicions, knowledge of specific or potential violations of the rules and any attempts to conceal such offenses.

Sustainability in focus

Green technologies for a better future

In addition to strict legal compliance, environmental protection and the efficient use of resources are also very important to us. Our efforts go beyond energy-saving heating systems and optimized hall lighting – they are just the first step. We are currently working hard to feed the electricity generated by our generative brakes directly back into our plants.

To further minimize our energy consumption, we are using an innovative tracking process that automatically switches off units that are not required. The seamless recording of consumption data from our plants is a fundamental pillar of our energy management. This enables us to identify performance peaks and optimize energy-intensive processes in a targeted manner.

Environmentally friendly production

In the context of environmental issues, we focus on the principle of prevention. We initiate measures to promote increased environmental responsibility and actively support the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies.

We ensure comprehensive environmental protection in all production phases. We take a proactive approach to preventing or minimizing the potential environmental impact of accidents. We pay particular attention to the application and further development of resource-saving technologies, focusing on emission reduction, reuse and recycling strategies.

Sustainable recycling

All products manufactured within our supply chain strictly comply with the environmental protection standards of their respective market segments. Every aspect is considered, including all materials and substances used. We identify chemicals and other substances that could pose potential hazards if released into the environment and establish a comprehensive hazardous substance management system, with an additional strong focus on recycling. By integrating recycling methods into our processes, we strive to extend the life of materials and use resources efficiently. This helps to reduce waste, minimize our environmental footprint and achieve our sustainability goals.

For environmental protection and resource conservation, energy efficiency is at the heart of everything we do.

CO2 savings

In all phases of our production, we consistently pursue the goal of saving resources and CO2 efficiently. In doing so, we ensure that all the materials we use are assembled and processed with the highest environmental compatibility. In this way, we are a significant partner within a green and environmentally conscious supply chain. Our efforts are geared towards making a positive contribution to sustainability and promoting an environmentally friendly approach.

SRL Goes Green

As part of our “SRL goes green initiative”, we are continuously committed to making all phases of production even more environmentally friendly. To this end, we organize regular idea competitions around the topic of environmental protection and maintain a close dialog with our employees. This approach enables us to quickly identify potential improvements and implement them with the help of sustainable technologies. Because only together can we lay the foundation for sustainable development.

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