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Ceramic / Gil-Resin®

Quality that lasts and lasts

Perfect shape

Our high-quality die-cast materials are ideal for ceramic manufacturing, with special gypsums for RAM presses that offer efficient water control, above-average surface hardness and minimal expansion. In addition, we offer matched gilresin mixes for tableware or bath product manufacturing to ensure precise, high-quality results.

Mold making needs experience

Long service life even with frequently changed molds

The company SRL Materials has developed a system under the name GIL-RESIN®, which brings significant improvements in the production process for the work in slip die casting for the customer. GIL-RESIN® is a multi-component casting resin system for the production of porous die casting molds. It was developed to significantly improve the filtration properties of the slip compared to conventional processes using gypsum. The system is ideal for sanitary and tableware product applications.

Mold making needs experience. Also when it comes to choosing the right material. We advise our customers on the best compatibility of our respective die casting and slip casting grades. After all, the service life of the reproduction process is only effective if everything fits together.

  • Consistent quality
  • Uniform pore distribution
  • High dimensional stability
  • High strength
  • Best filtration properties
  • Limited shrinkage (during polymerization)

Synthetic, modified hard molding plasters with controlled setting and extremely low expansion. Specially developed for dimensionally accurate intermediate patterns in the manufacture of press tools for coordinated strength, good machinability and transport stability.

Product specifications

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Real die casting competence

The right pore size for every application

Do not correct mistakes. Avoid them. A worthwhile investment.

True competence doesn’t just mean knowing what to do. It also means being fully aware of the end result – especially in the long term. This is the only way to make a safe investment in the production of letterpress molds.

Even the smallest mistake in the design and manufacture of molds will avenge itself later. And once the process is underway, it is very difficult to limit the damage. Expensive molds get cracked and require additional investment in complicated repairs to the broken parts or the working mold. This endangers the profitability of the entire plant. We help you from the beginning to make the right decision. 

Gil-Resin® Mouldcare

The new standard for acid-free cleaners

SRL Materials presents its new development GIL-RESIN® Mouldcare, a product for cleaning plastic molds (die casting molds) for the ceramic industry. GIL-RESIN® Mouldcare is designed for cleaning the pores, capillaries and surfaces of polyacrylate die casting molds

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